The Windmill, Brixton
19 Apr 2018

LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund. The LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund, managed by RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd, is the latest addition to the range of funds available to London local authorities (LLAs). The London Borough of Merton Pension Scheme will be the fund’s seed investor, with £66 million in the fund, as part of a larger transition of assets into the LCIV. We are continuing to develop and launch new funds with a range of fixed income strategies, including global bonds and private debt, in the pipeline. The first of these, a multi asset credit fund, is scheduled to be seeded in June. Merton’s investment, along with planned commitments from other LLAs, will bring LCIV’s total assets under management and oversight above £15bn, more than 40% of London’s total assets under management.

04 Dec 2017

London CIV statement

London CIV wishes to clarify that it has not issued and will not issue any advice to London boroughs about the impacts of a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn on any investments including infrastructure (more)

27 Jun 2017

Fixed income and accessing cashflow

Julian and the team have been discussing fixed products with Fund Managers and colleagues from the Investment Advisory Committee for some months. Thinking is starting crystallise now and Julian has written a paper, available here (more).

26 Jun 2017

Seminars and workshops

We are working on delivering a series of events over the rest of year for members and officers to provide updates and access to sub-fund managers (more).


26 Jun 2017

New global equity sub-funds

Last week, the FCA approved our Longview Global Equity and Henderson Emerging Markets sub-funds which will open in July. We’re working now to prepare our Global Equity Income and Sustainable Equities sub-funds for launch in September (more).

26 Jun 2017

LCIV submit progress report to DCLG

London CIV, like other pools, submitted a progress update to DCLG in April highlighting what we consider the key risks and concerns over the pooling programme. A copy of our update was circulated widely but if you haven’t seen it it’s available to read online (more).

17 Feb 2017

Fund development progressing well

Things are progressing well with the target of opening the first four sub-funds after the summer break. We are focusing on investment strategies the pension fund authorities have shown most demand for, namely: global equity income; sustainable equities; emerging markets and value strategies. This follows on from the survey we carried out to assess likely demand for the different strategies (more).

17 Feb 2017

Minister recognises London CIV’s progress

We (and separately all the other pools around the country) had a meeting with the Minister for Local Government, Marcus Jones MP, towards the end of last year.  The Minister recognised the progress made by London in forming the London CIV and the hard work and commitment from councillors and officers across London. He also confirmed that he was content for the London CIV pool to continue and asked for further updates on progress in the spring (more).

17 Feb 2017

Annual conference

Our inaugural conference is being held on Wednesday 1 March and we are delighted that the Minister will be speaking and taking questions from the floor. In addition, all our current fund managers will be available for delegates to hear presentations from and talk to about their investment strategies.

Please note, the conference is open only to London pension fund committee members and co-opted members, pension boards and officers (more).

17 Feb 2017

Stewardship and Investment Strategy Statements

As you start to consider your Investment Strategy Statements over the coming months, so thoughts will turn to the commitment pooling and how to address voting and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We have worked closely with both the member and officer stewardship working groups to draft wording which will help you when you compose these sections (more).