Vision and Values

Our vision is "to be the best in class asset pool delivering value for Londoners through long term sustainable investment strategies"

To achieve this, we have a statement of investment beliefs we provide a framework to guide us in developing products and services to deliver long term sustainable value.

The summary statement of investment beliefs is below and you can read the full document here. 

Collaboration is at the heart of our business, bringing together a wealth of experience across teams to deliver, through excellent service, our Client Funds pooling requirements. We summarise this culture as “working together to secure a sustainable future”. 

London CIV Statement of Investment Beliefs

Long term investors get better risk adjusted returns

We believe taking the right risk for the right return will maximise opportunities

Robust risk management and mitigation improves risk adjusted returns

We believe Responsible Investment mitigates financial risk and maximises opportunity

  • We believe good corporate governance improves outcomes
  • We believe in good stewardship and in proactive engagement
  • We believe management of climate change risk is a key element of our investment strategy
  • We believe diversity adds value for our clients

We believe diversification can improve returns and reduce risk

We believe that costs are important and should be managed

  • We believe managing fees and assessing remuneration will support cost effectiveness
  • We believe fund structuring and implementation costs matter

We believe clear objectives, expert knowledge and robust research will add value by supporting investment and manager selection

We believe transparency and accountability build client trust

We believe innovation and strong leadership supports more sustainable returns

We believe that a collective approach to investment improves returns and reduces risk

Our Values

London CIV - working together to secure a sustainable future

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