Statement on Myanmar and Human Rights

Human rights is one of London CIV’s key engagement themes in 2021 (as detailed in our Stewardship Policy). We believe as institutional investors, we have a duty to safeguard human rights as formalised by the United Nations and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (“OECA”). In May 2021, we have disclosed our exposure to companies accused of facilitating human rights abuses in Occupied Palestinian Territories (“OTP”) and we seek to continue to engage on human rights issues and provide transparency to our stakeholders on other human rights concerns.

Reports from the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (“OHCHR”) have identified the Myanmar military (“Tatmadaw”)[1] as committing human rights violations in Kachin, Shan and Rakhine States of Myanmar. The report has identified international companies with economic ties to the Tatmadaw in the form of either through business dealings with the military’s principal conglomerate, donations to support the military’s “clearance operations” or suppliers of military equipment to Tatmadaw. Our exposures to the companies identified in the OHCHR report are listed on the attached document.

London CIV seeks to engage with the companies in our portfolio that are listed in this report and asks to clarify their action in response to human rights abuse implications. We aim to engage with companies in our portfolio beyond those listed in the OHCHR report with operations in Myanmar to ensure the protection of employees and encourage human rights due diligence to mitigate risks in their supply chain. Our full engagement process is detailed in our Stewardship Policy.


Click on the link to read our full statement, including our company exposure.

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