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Isabella Plantation, Richmond upon Thames

Our current vacancies are listed below:


Chief Investment Officer

Senior Leadership Position – London

London CIV is looking to recruit an exceptional individual as CIO and Executive Board member with overall responsibility for the management of a diverse range of investments. S/he will meet the FCA’s requirements and have the following characteristics:


• Active member of the Board and Executive team; lead the fund development strategy and the investment team.

• Engage with London Local Authority officers and other stakeholders to understand investment needs.

• Ensure industry best practice, meet all regulatory requirements and provide effective reporting to the Board and sub committees.


• Significant broad ranging experience in asset allocation and investments, including manager selection.

• Demonstrable leadership skills as a Head of Investments or CIO, culturally aligned with the ethos and purpose of managing a pension fund.

• Ability to work successfully and influence in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your application to

Closing date for applications is 2 February 2020.