The London CIV appoint Head of Responsible Investment

09 Apr 2020 The London CIV appoint Head of Responsible Investment

The London CIV (“LCIV”) has appointed Jacqueline Jackson as Head of Responsible Investment. The new role will focus on LCIV’s sustainable and long-term contribution to responsible investing and the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) influences. A specialist in sustainability, stewardship and responsible investment, Jacqueline joins LCIV with 12 years’ experience working for and engaging with global companies, governments, regulators and investors on ESG-related issues.

She joins LCIV from Trucost, S&P Global, where she directed business development and responsible investment, assessing investment risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints and broader environmental, social and governance factors.

Jacqueline has extensive experience working with government bodies and regulators such as The Environment Agency, UNEP, PRI as well as previous engagement with London Authorities and pension funds to quantify ESG risks and advise upon the development of policies and guidance.

At London CIV, Jacqueline will lead and develop LCIV’s commitment to responsible investing. She will work with London Local Authorities to better understand their ESG, ethical and impact needs and integrate these into LCIV’s strategy and decision-making processes.

Jacqueline will join London CIV by July and, in the interim, Dawn Turner is continuing to provide support to maintain momentum in this function. Additionally, Chris Bilsland, Non-Executive Director at the London CIV, has been appointed by the LCIV Board as the ‘Responsible Investment Champion’, to drive the success of a sustainable strategy and advocate the Pool’s commitment to responsible investment and long-term solutions.