LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund launch

19 Apr 2018 LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund.

The LCIV RBC Sustainable Equity Fund, managed by RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd, is the latest addition to the range of funds available to London local authorities (LLAs). The London Borough of Merton Pension Scheme will be the fund’s seed investor, with £66 million in the fund, as part of a larger transition of assets into the LCIV.

We are continuing to develop and launch new funds with a range of fixed income strategies, including global bonds and private debt, in the pipeline. The first of these, a multi asset credit fund, is scheduled to be seeded in June. Merton’s investment, along with planned commitments from other LLAs, will bring LCIV’s total assets under management and oversight above £15bn, more than 40% of London’s total assets under management.