Stewardship and Investment Strategy Statements

17 Feb 2017 Stewardship and Investment Strategy Statements

You’ll be starting to consider your Investment Strategy Statements over the coming months and so thoughts will turn to the commitment pooling and how you will address voting and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

We have worked closely with both the member and officer stewardship working groups to draft wording which will help you when you compose these sections. Although not prescriptive, the wording offers funds support in meeting their stewardship responsibilities under the new Statement, also being mindful that the CIV would find the practical application of 32 very diverse ESG policy statements difficult to implement as and when investment transition to the CIV. Contact (020 7934 9968) for a copy of the text.

In addition, the working groups have engaged closely with us in the drafting of a Compliance Statement with the Stewardship Code which is now with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) for consideration. Hopefully, the Statement will meet the tier one level for compliance as an asset owner.

It was good to see a number of you at our recent Stewardship Seminar. We’re considering how to develop this work stream with both the officer and member working groups.

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