Fund development progressing well

17 Feb 2017 Fund development progressing well

Things are progressing well with the target of opening the first four sub-funds after the summer break.

Our sixth sub-fund, Newton Real Return, launched on 16 December, completes the offering in the multi-asset/real-return sub-funds space for the time being. Our focus has shifted to opening of the second Newton fund (global equity) and the UK equity fund managed by Majedie Asset Management and finalising everything so that we can launch the Longview global equity fund shortly after.

We are focusing on investment strategies the pension fund authorities have shown most demand for, namely: global equity income; sustainable equities; emerging markets and value strategies. This follows on from the survey we carried out to assess likely demand for the different strategies.

More details will follow on the investment strategies over the coming months, but we hope to provide funds with a diversified range of opportunities to invest in global equities.

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