Government Pooling Agenda: Responding to Government

19 Apr 2016 Government Pooling Agenda: Responding to Government

As the 15 July deadline approaches for responding to government on the pooling agenda, the London CIV will be talking to funds to get their views on key items for inclusion. Our draft response will be circulated to local authorities in May for comment; this will include a template for individual boroughs to add their own information and comments which then can be submitted as part of the total response to DCLG. A final draft of the response will be put to the Pensions Sectoral Joint Committee at its meeting in June for formal sign-off.

It is great so many of the funds have taken up the challenge of completing the CEM Benchmarking returns; this is likely to form a vital part of the response where authorities have been asked to provide:

  • A fully transparent assessment of investment costs and fees as at 31 March 2013.
  • A fully transparent assessment of current investment costs and fees, prepared on the same basis as 2013 for comparison

If you are still to complete returns, please submit to CEM as soon as possible, the sooner they have your data, the quicker we can include in individual responses.

Read the London CIV’s initial response in February (PDF 215KB) along with the Government’s response to the Chairs of Pension Committee (PDF 680KB) issued in March.

If you have any questions or comments that you want to raise in the meantime, please email  who is currently working on the draft response.